"We did soul work." - Sally   Norman, OK

"Dr. G helped me find my voice. She introduced me to self-love and supported me as I figured out how to begin practicing it.   There is not enough gratitude in the world to express what an impact she made on my heart....You will never know how much of a difference you made in my life.  Thank you from the deepest parts of my soul." - Nicki   Edmond, OK

"What stood out to me in her counseling philosophy was the practice of discovering wholeness and finding positive balance in my life. I was going through issues of low self-esteem, over-thinking, suicidal thoughts, painful grieving and abandonment in my life.  Dr. G. gave me a safe space to explore these areas and guided me through the work needed to move forward.  She helped me discover my truth and my whole self.....Dr. G. influenced almost every aspect of my life; practicing self-love and becoming my true self. As a result, my personal and professional relationships have improved .....I’m stronger mentally and spiritually today than I ever have been in my life....I have never been as comfortable in my own skin as I am today. I could not have reached this point without the treatment, guidance, and honesty I received from Dr. G.  She has been a true blessing in my life, helping me maintain my balance and embrace my new beginnings.  I am forever changed and forever grateful for having met Dr. G and for the growth she helped me achieve."  - Janette  Rising Strong in Edmond, Oklahoma

"Dr. G helped me let go of the weight of shame I have been carrying for years.  I look at my life now in terms of before and after I met her.  The work I did to overcome my past supported by her loving guidance has changed my life forever" Jennifer  Edmond, OK

"You helped me find who I want to be and recognize more of who I already am." - David Edmond, OK

"Dr. G has a natural insight that cannot be taught.....A true empath, she can hold space for vulnerability and is remarkably adept at getting straight to the root of challenges and wounds..... Dr. G walked with me following a stillbirth and showed me how my deepest wounds were an invitation to my most authentic state of being in the world. After sending many friends her way, I can say this is the standard of care that Dr. G offers each client."  - Priscilla  in Edmond, OK


 "My Brave New Story (a Rising Strong ending)

This is the day I chose Justice, Courage, Memories, Compassion, Connection and Self Care as my core values, in ink.

I begin to see and cherish the limited real estate in [my] tiny box. This space is reserved for the names of people who have earned the right to speak into my life, and to hear my stories.

I begin to guard my achievements as measures, for myself, of how far I have come. They will no longer be available a commodity for connection.

I begin to take back the authority to know myself and to love what I find.  The old, desperate need to be loved and approved of by others begins to crumble and melt away. Who I find will be me. I will not move away from myself, even when I am afraid. The people I love are here with me. They stay because they know me. They love me. My name is written in their tiny box.

I begin to be the author of the last words of my story. My feelings will no longer craft those lines. They should be heard, given voice, ample room to move and speak. But the last word? No. In my story, the last words will be mine.  When I feel fallen, and low, Compassion will come to where I am and sit with me there in that space. Self Care will join us, and softly murmur Memories of comfort. Courage will remind me that it is time to stand up, and start again. Justice will take my hand, and will help me focus on restorative steps. And Connection will hover over me continually, flowing through my experiences and binding me to the people I love."  ©2017 M.Jones    Edmond, OK